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Payments made outside of closing are required at the time of service. The customer/agent understands that in the event the property inspected is not purchased and payment at the time of closing was selected, payment will be due immediately.
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All reports are final and any corrections/changes/additions/re-inspections that cannot be considered clerical errors by Brown Home Inspections are subject to additional fees. All changes must be requested in writing and be accompanied by a $75.00 processing fee. No corrections/changes/additions/re-inspections will be made until the processing fee is received in full. Changes include but are not limited to name changes and/or additions, submission of documentation to insurance companies after additional correspondence is sent, requests for copies of any inspections, and/or re-inspections of repairs. In addition, any Four Point or Wind Mitigation inspection that is requested after the initial Home Inspection is complete will be charged at full price. No discounts will be applied for these additional inspections if they are not requested prior to the home inspector being on site. These changes/additions/re-inspections are time-consuming and oftentimes require that the inspector re-visit the location of the inspection to obtain further information and photographs. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We appreciate your business.

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